We contribute and maintain Eurovisionista because we love the Eurovision Song Contest. The team is made up of people with varied backgrounds and talents. Here you can find out more about Eurovisionista, what we do and why we love what we do.

Eurovisionista is a site devoted to the Eurovision Song Contest and its fans.

We set up Eurovisionista through a mutual love of all things Eurovision to share our thoughts and opinions with you because 140 characters on Twitter just isn't enough! We follow the contest throughout the year from the high points (outstanding participants with brilliant songs) to the low points (finding out who the UK representative will be).

We will discuss everything from national finals to the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, from Albania to Ukraine. Our site is a mixture of editorial content with our articles and reviews sections, and more instant thoughts and feelings on our blog.

We really hope you enjoy being a part of Eurovisionista as much as we do.


  • Daniel Tew - Editor

    Daniel is the main source of articles on eurovisionista.com. Nothing gets published on this website without him checking it over first. He has been devoted to Eurovision for many years and is the proud owner of an ever expanding Eurovision singles collection. Daniel's first memory of the Eurovision Song Contest is Carola winning in 1991.

    You can contact Daniel through Twitter via @Eurovisionista or at Daniel's personal Twitter - @tewyUK .

  • Sarah Williams - Technical Lead

    Sarah is the technical knowledge behind Eurovisionista. Currently working as a Software Architect, she built the website and is responsible for all technical maintenance and developing new features. She has been devoted to Eurovision since 2002 and is starting to aqcuire an envious collection of flags and Eurovision merchandise. Sarah's favourite Eurovision moment was experiencing it live for the first time in Düsseldorf 2011 (although meeting Charlotte Perrelli in Malmö comes a very close second).

    You can contact Sarah through Twitter via @Eurovisionista or at Sarah's personal Twitter - @wickedlyspiced .

  • Katy Lilley - Creative Lead

    Katy makes Eurovisionista a creature of beauty! A designer by trade, Katy is responsible for all things pretty. She designed and branded the site, creates all the graphics and tells Sarah where everything needs to be on the website to make it look its best. Katy is recently devoted to Eurovision but she has embraced it with open arms and now loves it just as much as the rest of the team. Katy's favourite Eurovision song ever entered is Pokusaj by Laka (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2008).

    You can contact Katy through Twitter via @Eurovisionista or at Katy's personal Twitter - @lilleypants .