21 questions with Daz Sampson

In 2006, Daz Sampson represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Teenage Life. The song reached number 8 in the UK charts which was a solid placing for a Eurovision entry. In 2005 Javine's entry Touch My Fire peaked at #18 and our best performing entry of recent years, It's My Time by Jade Ewen peaked at #27! The 2006 contest gained 50% of the UK TV audience which Daz believed may have been due to the exposure achieved by his song hitting the top 10. Unfortunately, Teenage Life only achieved 19th place (out of 24).

We caught up with Daz Sampson to find out what he thought about Eurovision and what he was up to now. We can reveal he's hoping to make a Eurovision comeback! Could he be representing the UK in Malmรถ 2013? Read on to find out more.

About Eurovision...

Eurovisionista: Do you think Eurovision is a modern piece of television and something that has a place in the modern world?
Daz Sampson: Yes 100%

E: If you could change one thing about the modern contest what would it be?
DS: Nothing

E: What do you think the key factors of a successful Eurovision song are?
DS: Grab the attention and visuals

E: What would you say are the good things that Eurovision offers?
DS: Great entertainment

E: How would you say Eurovision is percieved in the country you're from?
DS: It used to be highly thought of but in recent times we have accepted that we ain't gunna win

E: What is Eurovision? A song contest, a talent show, a dance contest or something else?
DS: It's a TV show

E: Would Eurovision work in another continent or is it truly European?
DS: Europe only

E: Is Eurovision unique?
DS: Of course

E: Is Eurovision a good platform to launch a career or should it be used by established acts?
DS: It's not a good platform unless you win

E: If Eurovision was an animal, what would it be?
DS: Polar bear or tiger

About you...

E: What stage of your career would you say you're in right now?
DS: Re-launch

E: Was Eurovision something you'd always wanted to do?
DS: Yes ever since 1981 when I watched Bucks Fizz

E: Is there anything you'd change about your Eurovision performance?
DS: No

E: Is being a star of Eurovision something you'd say you're proud of?
DS: Of course and it's the reason why I aspire to return

E: What would you say your job is?
DS: Artist

E: Would you do Eurovision again?
DS: 1,000,000% infact there is talk of a comeback

E: Other than yours, what was your favourite song from your contest?
DS: Too many to mention

E: Do you watch the Eurovision Song Contest?
DS: Yes

E: If we took your Eurovision participation out of your life, what do you think would be different?
DS: A lot as it was the fulfilment of a dream I'd had for 20 years, and to finally do it was life changing

E: Does Eurovision assist your career in any way today?
DS: In some ways yes

E: And finally... what are you up to at the moment?
DS: Planning a Eurovision return and also writing TV programmes, via my production company Sporting Riff Raff

So what do you think? Would you like to see Daz Sampson return to represent the UK at Eurovision? Did you like Teenage Life? Did you buy the single? Let us know in the comments section below.

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