Jonny Logan is famed for being the only person to win the Eurovision Song Contest as a performer twice, but less well noted are a select number of artists who have achieved both first and second placings at the contest. Here is a quick look at this group;

Lys Assia - Switzerland

First place in 1956

Second place in 1958

Lys Assia became the first ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 when she represented Switzerland on home soil at the inaugural contest. Lys also returned to defend her title in Frankfurt in 1957 but could only manage eighth place. She came back once again in 1958 to represent her country for the third consecutive year with the song Giorgio which was more successful and ended up in second place. The "mother of Eurovision" as she has come to be known made a bid to represent Switzerland in 2012 but failed to make it past the national selection.

Lys Assia performing her song "Giorgio" in Hilversum, 1958

Gigliola Cinquetti - Italy

First place in 1964

Second place in 1974

Italy sent teenager Gigliola Cinquetti to fly their flag in Copenhagen in 1964 when she was only sixteen years of age. Despite being the youngest participant, her song Non Ho L'eta stormed to victory and became a hit across Europe and beyond after it was recorded in many languages, including Japanese. The song was also covered by artists all over the world. Ten years later, Cinquetti was once again selected to represent Italy and sang the song Si in Brighton to much controversy in her homeland. Si was selected before a referendum on divorce in staunchly Roman Catholic Italy. The song, with its title meaning "Yes" was banned from the airwaves prior to the vote because it was thought that it may influence the polls. Nevertheless, the song scored well but lost out to ABBA at the 1974 contest. The song charted around Europe, even making the UK Top 10 in it's English language version. Gigliola Cinquetti returned to the contest once more in 1991 but this time as one of the presenters. Gigliola has since become a journalist and hosts a current affairs programme on Italian television.

Gigliola Cinquetti performing "Non Ho L'eta" on Italian television in 2009

Elisabeth Andreassen - Norway

First place in 1985

Second place in 1996

In total, Elisabeth Andreassen, or "Bettan" as she is affectionately known has taken part at the Eurovision Song Contest four times, once for Sweden and three times for Norway. Bobbysocks, the group comprised of Andreassen and fellow Eurovision veteran Hanne Krogh, were responsible for Norway's first win at Eurovision (with La Det Swinge in 1985) after mixed results and a number of last place finishes. Bettan made various bids to return to the contest, at both the Norwegian and Swedish selections and was successful in 1994, winning Melodi Grand Prix with Duett and represented Norway together with the late Jan Werner Danielssen managing to reach sixth place. She once again returned in 1996, performing the song I evighet to a home crowd at the Oslo Spektrum. Even though the song failed to score a single "douze points" during the voting it accrued enough points to end the night at second place. More attempts to return to Eurovision followed after 1996, the most recent being an appearance at Melodifestivalen 2011. Elisabeth Andreassen still maintains a successful career and is reported to be the second highest paid entertainer in Norway.

Elisabeth Andreassen performing "I evighet" in Oslo, 1996

As well as the three artists already mentioned, a further two have managed the feat of finishing in second place with their first attempt but returning to win the contest on their second try.

Linda Martin - Ireland

Second place 1984

First place in 1992

Linda Martin represented Ireland in Luxembourg in 1984 with the Jonny Logan penned song Terminal 3. The strong entry was deemed to be a favourite and received a rapturous applause from the audience but it lost out to The Herreys from Sweden. Linda returned to the contest in 1992 in Malmö, again with a Jonny Logan song. This time she was to be more successful. Why Me? won the contest scoring 155 points, finishing in front of the entries from the United Kingdom and Malta (the first time the top three songs had all been performed in the English language). Linda Martin's involvement with the Eurovision Song Contest has continued since 1992. She has often turned up on TV in Ireland as reality show judge and in the UK as a pundit on Eurovision matters. She has also acted as a mentor during Ireland's selection process, most recently guiding Jedward to Baku.

"Why Me?" - Linda Martin's winning song from 1992

Dima Bilan - Russia

Second place in 2006

First place in 2008

As one of the biggest stars in Russia, Dima Bilan was internally selected for the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens in 2006. The modern pop song was well received and qualified from the semi final with ease. Dima's performance of the song was strong and the song attained 54.4% of the maximum possible score from the countries voting. Never Let You Go became Russia's best showing at Eurovision at the time but it lost out to Finland. Russia added to the successful results achieved in the 2000s by gaining another third placing in 2007 leaving many to believe that a Russian win was imminent. Dima was once again selected to represent Russia in 2008, this time via a national final. Believe, the winning song became a favourite to win Eurovision. The song qualified from the first semi final in Belgrade but in third place, finishing behind Greece and Armenia. At the final, Dima Bilan went on to claim a first victory for Russia and his place in the Eurovision history books. He attempted to come back to the contest in 2012 in a duet with Yulia Volkova (formerly of t.A.T.u) but the pair were denied the chance to return to the Eurovision stage when the Buranovskiye Babushki were selected as the Russian representatives.

Dima Bilan performing "Believe", the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Only time will tell if this exclusive group of performers will gain new members. With many winners returning to the contest in recent years achieving poor results that failed to live up to expectations, perhaps it will be left to someone who has finished in second place to come back and win the trophy that eluded them?

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