There have been mumblings around social networking sites since the opening ceremony of the Olympics was held in London. So can the Olympics help bring the Eurovision circus to the United Kingdom after a 15 year wait?

With all the talk of the Olympics that has taken place over the summer, one subject that has often been brought up among fans of the Eurovision Song Contest is that next year, the UK could win Eurovision due to its staging of the Olympics. The main comparison made here is to Greece. The 2004 summer Olympics were hosted in Athens. On the Kiev stage in Ukraine in 2005, Helena Paparizou claimed victory for Greece with the song "My Number One". As a result, the 2006 contest was hosted in the OAKA Olympic Indoor Hall which was the venue for the gymnastics and trampoline events along with the basketball finals in 2004. So did this victory have anything to do with the fact Greece hosted the Olympics the previous year or was it simply that this was the best song?

Helena Paparizou performing My Number One at the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005

The second placing in 2005 was Malta with Chiara and her song "Angel" who scored 192 points, 38 points less than Greece's 230 points. In third place was Romania who scored 158 points, 72 points behind Greece. Greece was awarded 10 of the available 12 points while Malta received 1 and Romania received 3. These statistics show that this was a fairly comfortable win for Greece on the points table proving the bookmakers got it right with pre contest odds placing Helena Paparizou as the favourite to win.

The UK did a brilliant job hosting the summer Olympics of 2012 and the opening and closing ceremonies were a spectacle watched all over the world. In a similar fashion to the Greek ceremonies, where they had Greek music stars such as Anna Vissi, Sakis Rouvas, Marinella and Michalis Hatzigiannis performing, the UK also used their ceremonies to showcase its rich and dynamic musical heritage both new and old. Performers such as Paul McCartney, Dizzee Rascal, Spice Girls, Jessie J, Pet Shop Boys and Coldplay took centre stage across the 2 ceremonies inside the Olympic stadium. The success of Team GB along with the successful hosting of the games united the nation with a true sense of feeling proud to be British which was beamed across the world. It has shown Europe that we can put on a show and we can (despite initial concerns) organise an event on a huge scale. The question is; did Europe ever doubt the UK's potential to host anyway?

Ultimately, in 2005 Greece won a song contest. While the hosting of the summer Olympics in 2004 would have shown Europe that Greece could put on a show and organise an event on a large scale, I don't think this would have had much bearing on the televoters paying to cast their vote.

I feel this is much the same effect we will see with the United Kingdom on the stage in Malmö in 2013. While I feel that London 2012 has improved the image of the UK in Europe, this is after all a song contest. We will not win in Sweden next May if we send a terrible song performed by someone who can't hold a tune on the night. With a good song and a good performer we could win, but then that's the same every year, host of the previous summer Olympics or not.

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