The split televoting and jury results for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 have finally been released by the EBU. We won't bore you by mulling over every single detail but we'll just take a look at the particular results that stood out to us.

Semi Final 1

The first semi final was the one that the EBU had said the voting public and the juries around Europe largely agreed upon. Switzerland finished tenth with the televoters whilst Israel came ninth with the juries but both lost out to Hungary and Iceland when the scores were agregated.

It comes as no surprise that Russia topped the televote but it is also refreshing to see Albania win the jury vote and come a very respectable third with the public as a result of a striking performance that couldn't be ignored.

Semi Final 2

Sweden was the unanimous winner of both sets of voting but the second semi final resulted in many more discrepancies than the first. The most glaring difference is that Ukraine managed to finish in the top three with the juries but only could muster a lowly seventeenth place with the public. Georgia also finish in the top ten with the juries but came last with the televoters.

Norway were the winners of the tie for tenth place (even after finishing last with the juries) as we now know the public had placed them higher than Bulgaria. Malta were saved by the juries and Turkey were saved by the televoters whilst the Netherlands finished tenth with the public but scored lower with the juries.

The Final

The split results for the final show that Sweden's win would have been far less commanding had the televoters been responsible for deciding the total result. Russia would have finished only eleven points behind the victorious Swedes.

Spain, Italy and Estonia received top ten placings as a result of scoring highly with the juries but much lower with the European public. Had it been down to only the voters watching at home, all three countries would have occupied much less impressive positions on the scoreboard. The jury vote also robbed certain countries of top ten placings; Ireland, Romania and Greece would have all been in the top ten had it been just the decision of the televotes.

Engelbert Humperdinck actually defied expectation by acheiving a better score with the public than with the juries, from whom he was expected to be awarded points.

The most alarming number to stand out amongst the split final result is the 'nul points' result that France's Anggun got from the voting public.

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