After trouncing her competition in Baku, Loreen's Eurovision winning song became a smash hit all over Europe and beyond. As with any singer who makes such a splash with a monster hit, there is always the unenviable task of finding that "follow-up" single that has to live up to the expectations set by its predecessor.

Loreen's team have chosen a re-working of her 2011 Melodifestivalen entry My Heart Is Refusing Me as her second single to be released internationally (Crying Out Your Name from the forthcoming album Heal will be the follow-up single in Sweden). The original version of the song was undoubtedly one of the stand out entries at the 2011 competition and deserved to end it's journey far further than the second chance round where it was knocked out.

Loreen performing "My Heart Is Refusing Me" at Melodifestivalen 2011

The 2012 version of the song loses none of the strength and emotion of the original, the re-recorded vocals offer those who knew the song previously a fresh take on something that was already remarkable and worthy of recognition far beyond the borders of Sweden. The new mixes of the song provided by Alex P & Victory and SeventyEight also give the song a makeover that wasn't necessarily required but give the track a much more edgy feel than it had previously which should help it cross over into the international market.

There is no denying that Loreen has talent in abundance and is armed with an array of amazing and often breathtaking songs but can she capitalise on the success of Euphoria and keep a fan base in a country such as the UK, one of the toughest music markets in the world? My Heart Is Refusing Me has been released across digital platforms but sadly, without a music video and a place on the playlist of Radio 1, a song of this calibre is wrongly set up to fail.

The snobbery of the powers that be in the British music industry will unlikely see past the Eurovision tag that is now attached to Loreen which will unfairly rob her of success in the UK. Euphoria reached #3 on the UK charts and to date has sold approximately 200,000 copies. Still, this will not be enough to ensure a second hit single.

There is no doubt that Loreen will achieve further success in Europe but it is unlikely that we will be seeing anymore of her songs in the UK singles chart at the moment.

"My Heart Is Refusing Me" is available from digital retailers now.


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