The semi final stage of Melodifestivalen 2016 has now come to an end. After watching Linda Bengtzing’s comeback limp into last place and our host, Gina Dirawi constantly harping on about the “15 year anniversary of the modern Melodifestivalen”, I couldn’t help but think of all those poor unfortunate songs which have finished in last place during those fifteen years. Here are ten of my absolute favourites:

Pandora – You (2003)

Dance act Pandora’s Melodifestivalen debut was a schlager stomper with good credentials, being composed by Jan Johansen and the future schlager diva, Shirley Clamp. However, Pandora still finished last in a semi final which was won by Fame with Give Me Your Love.

Midnight Boy – Don’t Say No (2015)

My most-played song from Melodifestivalen 2015 was Don’t Say No by Midnight Boy. It was brilliant. I was very sad to see this finish in last place. I’m a sucker for a bit of 80s pastiche.

The Nicole – Razborka (2008)

This is a song I still love so many years later. Yes, I know it’s bad but that’s why it’s one of my guilty pleasures. “Not impressed by champagne and cash. Get me vodka and Baby, shake that ass!”. I wonder what The Nicole is up to know?

Dilba – Try Again (2011)

It is an absolute travesty that this even finished near to the bottom of the pile! Such a good song and it’s one of the most played tracks on my iTunes. A classic!

EKO – Red (2014)

Another unappreciated song which finished last at a Melodifestivalen semi final. This is pure pop brilliance. I wish we could have gotten more from them. Perhaps a higher placing at Melodifestivalen would’ve resulted in an album release?

Arja Saijonmaa – Vad du än trodde så trodde du fel (2005)

Radda Schlagerdivan! Arja’s comeback in 2005 didn’t exactly go to plan. After she wasn’t allowed to perform Om natten and it was given to Jessica Folcker, Arja went with Vad du än trodde så trodde du fel. It was brilliantly camp and co-written by Åsa Jinder (who helped Secret Garden win Eurovision in 1995) but failed to resonate with the voters and finished last.

Verona – La Musica (2007)

Perhaps singing a song in Italian isn’t going to go down well with the Swedish voters but this song would’ve been brilliant in any language! Poor Verona. She staggered into last place and it was the last time we saw her on the Melodifestivalen stage.

Jenny Silver – A Place to Stay (2010)

Another song which was under appreciated by the Swedish voters. But at least we got to see Jenny transform into a schlager diva and come back in 2011 with the brilliant Something in Your Eyes and as part of the schlager-supergroup, Swedish House Wives in 2013.

Mimi Oh – Det går för långsamt (2012)

Another of my forgotten favourites. Mimi Oh finished last at the second semi final in 2012. This is a pop gem and also one of my most played Melodifestivalen tracks on iTunes, a firm favourite.

Simone Moreno – Aiayeh (The Music of the Samba) (2006)

I LOVE this song! I was devastated that Simone’s samba banger ended last in the first semi final of Melodifestivalen 2006. Sweden should’ve lapped up a bit of carnival to make them feel warm in cold and snowy February!

Would you have chosen ten different songs? Let me know which are your favourite last place finishers in the comments below. 

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