In 2013, we hosted the first Eurovisionista Preview Party in Cardiff. The night was great fun but there was one big problem for us as hosts. All of the voting took place on paper score sheets. After a few drinks, people were scribbling their scores down and it was difficult to collate all the scores. Some of the votes were hard to read and it took far too long to get the results. It also meant that as hosts, we missed a large chunk of the party huddled over a crumpled pile of paper!

We weren't able to host one in 2014 due to other commitments, but decided to bring it back this year. As soon as we decided we were going to do the party again, I decided there was no way the voting was going to be on paper again. So I got to writing a web application that was designed for mobiles that would do all the work for us. I also created a scoreboard that updated in real time as people cast their votes, to get as close to the real thing as possible.

The app was a huge success on the night. I knew that with just a few tweaks to the app, we would be able to put it up for people to use during the real thing for a bit of fun. So over the last few days, I've been making those tweaks so that it would be ready to go for Tuesday's semi final. 

We had a pretty good response and the app worked as expected. I have no idea how much stress the app can take. If loads of people connect to it, it could just fall over and stop working. If that happens though, I'll be able to make improvements so that we can hopefully bring it back next year. 

So as planned, tonight the voting app will be available for you to cast your votes on for the second semi final. If it all holds up ok tonight, we'll put it up for the final too. 

You'll be able to vote later this evening at It can be used on any device without any installation as it's basically just a web site. Although as I mentioned, the voting was designed for mobile devices so will look prettier on a smaller screen. After we've received all your votes, we'll announce the qualifiers according to our app and see if you agree with the official results. Later in the evening we will also post a full voting breakdown. Click here for Tuesday's voting breakdown of the first semi final, where our voters agreed with 9 of the 10 qualifiers.

We hope you'll join us tonight and give the app a try. We'll be tweeting more about it later too. 

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