No this isn't some strange supermarket BOGOF offer but a reality following the announcement earlier today that Malmö is the host city for Eurovision 2013. As soon as the announcement came, we like many other people, took to the internet to look for accommodation. The hotels in Malmö disappeared before our eyes so we took a leap over the Öresund bridge as we're sure many other fans will end up doing too.

Obviously this means we won't be staying in the host city but we will get to experience two cities instead of one! With the links so frequent between the two cities and a journey time of around 30 minutes, it's more like staying on the outskirts of Malmö.

According to, when drinking in Malmö "prices are for the most part substantially higher than they are across the bridge in Copenhagen." The same can also be said for eating and sleeping. 

So Copenhagen is generally cheaper, just as welcoming and just a short leap from Malmö. I predict there will be so many fans staying in Copenhagen and commuting it's going to be like a second host city anyway!

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